Welcome To Precision Baccarat Masterclass!

Around 12 years ago, I started playing baccarat “professionally.”

In that time, I’ve developed NEW, PROVEN, and NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN baccarat strategies and system of plays which I’m going to share with you.

I started to study deep on this game because I was fed up of all the bullshit proliferating on the web, and I felt like I was being rip-off every time I buy baccarat systems after baccarat systems.

Maybe you’ve experienced that too?

But, if I can achieve amazing results like I did then, you can too.

So, my goal now is to teach you a new & proven baccarat strategies and help you win consistently every time you hit your nearby casino.

On this 8-week email coaching program, you will learn the following baccarat secrets of professional baccarat players:

Baccarat Secret #1: A New Set of Baccarat Skills To Earn 5-6 Figures

Baccarat Secret #2: The 12-Column Code-Tracking System

Baccarat Secret #3: The Advanced 26-Column Code-Tracking System

Baccarat Secret #4: The Rule of 4 (R4)

Baccarat Secret #5: The Rule of 7 (R7)

Baccarat Secret #6: The Betting System Professionals Use

Baccarat Secret #7: The 3-2-2 Hit Strategy

Baccarat Secret #8: The 5-Hit Strategy

Baccarat Secret #9: The 7-Hit Strategy

Baccarat Secret #10: The Baccarat System of Play Casinos Fear

Baccarat Secret #11: You Only Need 52% Hit Rate To Win 100+ Units

Baccarat Secret #12: The Best Base Bet To Start With

Baccarat Secret #13: The Bankroll You Need During Your Baccarat Plays

Baccarat Secret #14: The Best Time To Play For Easy Wins

Baccarat Secret #15: Planning Your Baccarat Session 

These baccarat lessons will be sent to you every other day (M-W-F or T-Th-S) so, you will have time to practice in between days.

My Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System requires a lot of practice.

Your goal is to become familiar with the different codes and how it was setup on every baccarat shoe you play.

Before we start our email coaching program, I want to know a little about you.

Don’t worry, the following questions are all baccarat-related. No personal stuffs.

Kindly answer the questions as honestly as you can.

Baccarat Stuffs I Like To Learn From You

Thank you for your patience.

This is one of the virtues you need to be able to play on a professional level.

On the next 24-48 hours, allow us to VERIFY your payment.

Then, once verified, your email coaching will begin.

Talk to you soon!

Dedicated to your baccarat success,

Alvin Tuarez
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