The UNTOLD Truth About Betting System

by Alvin Tuarez

The baccarat “gurus” lied to us about betting systems.

5 years ago, I was sitting over that baccarat table – beaten. 

Little did I know that everything was about to change. 

It wasn’t easy.

But my desire to develop a “winning betting system” was so great.

I knew the answer was out there so, I didn’t give up.

The year was 2015, when I eventually found this winning betting system.

Yes, I was skeptical at first. 

The amazing thing is, this betting system I developed is “adaptive” to whatever baccarat shoe deck out there.

It could bring in profits even on losing big money bets.

Yes, you heard me right.

You still win even on losing bets

And the results speak for themselves.

Since then, I’ve achieved consistent wins on my baccarat games and making money out from this game is never a problem to me. 

Can you imagine what it feels like to go to your nearby casino, play baccarat then, cash out your winnings every time you play.

We’re talking of 4…5…figures a day!

And you’re doing this all without fear of losing.

What I was able to develop is a betting progression that let you win even on losing big money bets.

Yeah, I know. It looks like impossible but it isn’t.

Remember what I told you about flat-betting, negative progression, and even Martingale?

Here’s my own experience using these betting systems.

Flat-betting may be the conservative way to bet but, all it can give to you is 2-4 units in profit.

No matter what kind of baccarat strategy you’re using, you’ll be stuck with 2-4 units.

Yes, it’s a decent profit already but for me, it’s not worth my time.

Plus, flat-betting is not a good complement to my Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System.

I knew my code-tracking system could generate more profit than 2-4 units.

Then, I tried the negative progression.

Name it and definitely, I tried it – the 1-2 negative prog…the 1-2-3…1-2-4…2-3-4…2-3-5…and so on.

Well, it’s more profitable than using flat bet.

A negative progression gave me consistent 10 units in profit for every baccarat game.

At first, I thought this was the answer.

But as time passed, it became a grind to win at least 50 units per day.

Imagine this…I needed 5 baccarat games just to profit 50 units without losing a single game.

And this translated to 8-10 hours of baccarat play.

It’s too tiring for me and I’m just in my mid 40’s.

And then, I experimented with a 5-Step Martingale (1-2-4-8-16).

At first, I thought this was a winner!

Making 10 units per baccarat game was fast!

Faster than flat-betting and negative progression combined.

And then, the 5-losses-in-a-row (5-linar) started coming in.

Believe me, no baccarat system or strategy is immune to 5-linar.

This will happen. It’s inevitable.

So, I started calculating the risk involved based on my code-tracking system.

A 5-linar will give me a deficit of (-) 31 units.

And to recover from this single loss, I needed 3 winning baccarat games giving me 10-units in profit each.

And even if I achieved this task, I will still be down by 1 unit. What the fuck!

So, I stopped this delusion.

And then finally, I was able to discover a betting system that could give you 3x…5x…10x…or even 12x more profits every time you play at your nearest casino.

When this pandemic is over and everything is back to normal again, expect large money on your hands once you start implementing this betting system on your baccarat play.

The betting progression that I’m talking about is what I call “Win-Win Betting System.”

I called it win-win because even on losing bets, you still gain profit.

Have you come across this on the internet?

Last time I checked (yesterday), no so-called “gooroo” is teaching this betting system.


Because like I said, these “gooroos” are just recycling old, obsolete baccarat stuffs on the internet.

Do You Want To Learn The “Win-Win Betting System” That Will 3x, 5x, 15x, or even 35x Your Monthly Baccarat Income?

Tell me where to send it and I will email it to you right away. I guarantee you will learn how to EARN 5-6 figure income on your baccarat games than without it.

"I was able to turn my $2,500 to a little over $500K last year!"

"His system really rocks! I availed his email coaching last year. Never imagined I can turn my $2,500 capital to a little over $500,000 last year! This year I'm going to scale up my bets. Thanks Alvin! You're the man!
James Baccarat Player
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