Sounds Like Gambling But OK

by Alvin Tuarez

Do you believe you can make “consistent” money in gambling?

If not, don’t read any further.

Go watch your favorite Netflix flick. It’s more fun.

But, if you want to know how to make money at your nearest casino then, read on.

Let me begin by defining what gambling means?

According to, the root word gamble means…

1. to take a chance on; venture; risk; e.g. I’m gambling that our new store will be a success.

2. any matter or thing involving risk or uncertainty. e.g. I’ll take a gamble on this new business opportunity.

Now, by this definition, you will know that the two primary drivers of gambling are risking something and having an uncertain outcome.

WARNING: All the content you’re about to read on this post are not the standard norms of society.

Let’s take some real life examples.

First example is your fiancé. It’s a gamble.

You’re risking your time, effort, affection, love and money to an uncertain outcome.

Will you know beforehand that your fiancé will be your husband or wife?

Let’s say, your husband. It’s a gamble.

Again, you’re risking your time, effort, affection, love and money to an uncertain outcome.

Will you know beforehand that your husband will be a loving husband and a good provider?

Same thing with your wife.

Will you know beforehand that your wife will be a loving wife and mother to your children?

Another example is your job. It’s a gamble.

Again, you’re risking your time, effort, skill, and money to an uncertain outcome.

Will you know beforehand that you’ll get promoted or get fired on your job?

Same thing in business, it’s a gamble.

Again, you’re risking your time, effort, skill, and money to an uncertain outcome.

Will you know beforehand that your business will be a success or failure?

So, what’s my point?

Everything in life is a gamble.

Everyone gambles every single day.

And what do we gamble every day?




And Money.

Admit it. We need money to survive every single day.

But, when I say…“Hi, I’m Alvin! I make a living playing baccarat at my nearest casino!”

What will you say to me?

A lot of things like…

“Nobody wins at casino!”

“Go get a real job!”

“You’re not going to beat the probability of the game!”

Go f@!k yourself! It’s not possible!


What if, I tell you that I’m one of the living testimonies that indeed, you can make money gambling at your nearest casinos, will you believe me?

I’m not with the same level like Akio Kashiwagi, John W. Gates, The Greek Syndicate, Phil Ivey, Kerry Packer, Archie Karas, Tommy Renzoni…etc. but, I’m one of the select few that makes a living at my nearest casinos.

My name is Alvin Tuarez and I’m a Professional Baccarat Player.


I was a former bank junior vice-president on a famous bank.

I was a former managing sales director in a real estate company.

I was a former business owner/franchisor of a laundry business.

I was a former business owner/supplier of linens to different hotel industries and hospitals.

And I was a former Forex investor (not trader).

As you can see, I know how to make money on different jobs & businesses.

Frankly speaking, I did make a lot of money on these jobs & businesses.

Except in Forex, where I lost a few tens of thousands of dollars because I entrusted the trading to my cousin.

And then…I got burnt out.

My life was stressful even though I was making 5-figures a month.

I don’t need to elaborate the stressors of running your own business.

When my big clients started to ask for a 180-day extended credit that was the time I started to look for another source of income.

And then, the game of baccarat was introduced to me.

3 Reasons Why Casinos Fear Baccarat Players?

Reason #1: The game is simple to play. You only need to choose one side, either the Player or Banker side, make a wager, then, the dealer will do the rest. You’ll just wait if you’re going to be paid or not.

Reason #2: Among all the casino table games being offered by casinos, baccarat has the lowest house edge (1.06% – 1.24%).

Reason #3: Due to the large amounts of money bet and the low house edge, players have the potential to win “serious” money at the casino’s expense.

The reason I chose baccarat over other casino table games out there like blackjack, craps, sic bo…etc. was Reason #2 (low house edge).

Meaning, if I can find a method of play that will overcome this 1.06% Banker edge and 1.24% Player edge, then, I can profit from this game.

And then, my search began.

The Year Was 2007…

…when I began immersing myself to the casino lifestyle.

So, what’s this casino lifestyle I was talking about?

4:00 AM Wake-up, prepare breakfast

5:00 AM Wake-up kids, eat breakfast

6:00 AM Send kids to school

7:00 AM Go to casino to play (work)

3:00 PM Fetch kids to school, go home

4:00 PM Help kids on their homework

6:00 PM Prepare dinner

7:00 PM Eat dinner

8:00 PM Tuck kids to bed

9:00 PM Study the morning baccarat games

11:00 PM Rest for the day

This is not the casino lifestyle you were expecting, right?

What you’re expecting are the very late nights of playing (night life)…no lunch…no dinner…just drinks…alcohol…shopping spree…and occasionally, sex with a stranger, right?

Sorry to disappoint you but, nah! I’m not that guy.

For me, it’s my family first above anything else.

Just Like In Life, Everything Is Not A Bed of Roses

I understood the aspect of fast money that baccarat brings.

This is the “hook” of the game – “fast, easy money.”

But, I’m not sure at that time how easy it is to make money on this game on a consistent basis.

So, the only way to find out is to immerse myself to this casino gaming industry.

The reality set in after a year of playing baccarat.

I was devastated on this game.

I was on the verge of throwing the towel.

I thought that playing baccarat for a living was just a pipe dream.

I tried everything I could think of.


I bought several baccarat systems.

Nothing worked!

I joined baccarat forums.

Nothing gained!

I used Trending…Anti-trending…Trigger List…the Cockroach Road…the Small Eye Road…the Main Road strategies…etc.

Nothing consistent!

Making an income from this game 13 years ago was a struggle.

And then, I made a decision.

Why Pattern Recognition Strategy Doesn’t Work?

My first year experience using this strategy showed me its limitations.

First, pattern recognition cannot totally expose the winning Player-Banker sequence.

Second, you cannot achieve the right timing on your bet placements with this strategy.

And lastly, you cannot achieve maximum profits with this strategy.

These three limitations are enough for me to quit using pattern recognition.

I knew it will lead me nowhere on my baccarat plays if I continued using this baccarat strategy.

If you’re just starting out on this game, pattern recognition is the easiest & simplest baccarat strategy that you can employ on your baccarat games.

But, after some time, effort, and money burned over that baccarat tables, you will realize that pattern recognition is not enough to make consistent profits on this game.

Don’t worry.

You’re not alone.

I traveled that road too.

But, the great thing is, I changed my losing ways.

$220 In Just 30 Minutes

Every baccarat player started analyzing these baccarat “patterns” in this way.

I also started this way.

I was in this wrong route also for about a year.

Let me ask you this…

”Can you really memorize millions of Player-Banker outcomes and make the right winning bets every time you play just using the pattern recognition strategy?”

On a consistent basis, you cannot do this using the pattern recognition strategy.

Let me prove my point.

Ask yourself these questions…


“How much income did I make last year playing baccarat?”

“How much income did I make last month?”

“How much income did I make last week?”

“How much income did I make today?”

If your total losses far exceed your total wins, then, you’re just a generous “donor” to the casinos.

I was also a generous donor like you for about a year.

Then, I finally changed the way I play the game.

Let’s go back to the 41 baccarat hands I showed a while ago.

Could you tell me how many units in profit could you make on these 41 hands?

It was September 7, 2008 when I played this baccarat game.

I will not forget this date because first, it was my wife’s birthday and we were staying at The Heritage Hotel & Casino.

And second, that day was the start of something “big” to happen.

This same 41 baccarat hands gave me +22 units in profit ($220) in less than 1 hour of baccarat play just using the flat-bet system.

I knew this was a decent profit already. At that time, I was only a $10 flat-bettor amateur of the game.

But, what got me really excited was the potential of my code-tracking system.

How did I achieve that?

By exposing the winning Player-Banker outcomes using different “codes.”

In 2008, I changed the way I record the Player-Banker outcomes.

Instead of reading the Player-Banker (P-B) outcomes horizontally…

… I started reading and charting the P-B outcomes “vertically.”

Believe me, this type of system of play started something big.

Something groundbreaking on the baccarat rabbit hole.

This was the evolution of my Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System.

This is way more profitable than any other baccarat systems or strategies that you will come across the internet.

As you can see, I was tracking & interpreting the P-B outcomes in a very different way.

And yes, I was doing this “manually” in under 20 seconds.

As we all know, any form of gadgets are not allowed over those baccarat tables.

I was doing the tracking with a piece of paper & a two-sided pen.

As I chart the Player-Banker (P-B) outcomes vertically on my scoresheet, I assign point values for each P-B outcome.

This was my way of exposing the Player-Banker sequence that will give me maximum profits as the baccarat game progresses.

$88,400 In Just 1.5 Hours of Baccarat Play


Fast-forward today…

After more than a decade of grinding the baccarat tables, I finally achieve what the majority thought impossible to accomplish.

These were the last three (3) baccarat games I played before the Covid-19 Lockdown was implemented in my area of play.

This 1st game generated +135 units ($27,000) using my Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System.

This 2nd game generated +175 units ($35,000) using my Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System.

And this 3rd baccarat shoe generated +132 units ($26,400) using my Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System.

In less than 2 hours, I generated $88,400 just playing baccarat at my nearest casino.

This was a very huge increase in profit compared to what I earned in 2008 ($220) when I started to use my code-tracking system.

As you can see, lots of improvements were made on my Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System over the last decade.

I started with a 2-column code-tracking and today, I have a 40-column code-tracking system.

I started as a $10 bettor and now, I’m a $100-$200 bettor.

I started as a 4-figure baccarat income earner and now, I’m a 6-figure income earner.

I’m saying these things not to brag but, to inspire you that playing baccarat for a living is possible.

I’m not the only one who’s doing this. There are others out there.

But, this is not for everybody. Only to a select few.

Every baccarat game I play, I still look for some more improvements on my baccarat plays.

I keep on improving my baccarat skills.

I always wanted to have this “edge” over the game and the casinos.

Today, I don’t grind the baccarat tables more than 8 hours a day, 5x a week.

My code-tracking system gave me the freedom to play just 3-5 hours every other day (3x a week).

The best part? I’m earning 5 to 6 figures a month just playing baccarat at my nearest casinos.

And I’m enjoying time & financial freedom like never before!

What Did I Learn After More Than A Decade of Gambling?


1.Put your family first above gambling. If it doesn’t work out, at least you still have your family to start again.

2.If you will choose to make a living from any casino table game, make sure you study “intensively” your chosen game. Choose a game with a low house edge. Avoid the slot machines no matter what.

3.Develop a system of play. Stick with it for about a year or two. Then, assess if it’s working or not.

4.Develop a betting system (progression) that can give you maximum profits every time you play (100+ units per game). Don’t waste your time on 2-4 unit stop win/loss.

5.Set aside a playing capital (bankroll) as if you’re starting a “business.” If this capital will be gone, stop gambling. Just treat it like any other startup business that goes bankrupt after 3-5 years of operation.

6.Develop your money management skill. Treat your chosen game as your business. Always make a calculated risk.

7.Play your chosen casino game only for about 3-6 hours. Beyond this, mental & physical fatigue starts to set-in. You’re losing one of your advantages already.

8.Don’t gamble money needed for rent, food, tuition, mortgage, family needs…etc. If you’re doing this, you have a very serious problem already. Stop gambling. Seek medical help.

9.Don’t gamble borrowed money. If you are borrowing money to gamble, again, this is a very serious problem already. Stop gambling. Seek medical help.

10.Don’t gamble beyond your means. If you can’t afford to lose that money, don’t gamble with it.

11.Control your temper over that baccarat table. You can’t win every baccarat game. Move on and learn from that losing game. Your focus will be lost if you’re playing angry.

12.Don’t chase your losses. You can’t. If your gambling losses create a problem in your life, then, by all means, stop gambling. Accept it. It’s not for everybody.

If anything I’ve said here has resonated with you and you want to learn more about playing baccarat for a living at your nearest casino, the good news is I would like to help you.

No strings.

So, here’s my personal email address and feel free to use it…

Your message will come straight through my inbox.

You’ll get through me, not a support assistant, bot or autoresponder.

Just let me know if I can help and I will.

Please note I answer all emails personally so, it might take me a day or two to get back to you if it’s a busy time.

Learn from the BEST to achieve success!

Dedicated to your baccarat success,

Alvin Tuarez

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