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Is This You?

You keep on buying baccarat systems after baccarat systems that do not work.

You keep on losing your baccarat games & bankroll every time you play baccarat at your casino.

You keep on joining baccarat forums only to become more confuse about baccarat.

You can’t figure out how to beat the “pre-shuffled” decks.

Well, I can help you improve your game and become a 6-figure income generating baccarat player.

Since you are already here on this page, I assume you already tried my “free stuffs.”

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…almost anything at all.

You can attain it with my…

Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System


And when you add focus, discipline, and money-management on your baccarat games, you can move the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran baccarat player, an overwhelmed or confused gambler, or a budding newbie eager to devour every possible baccarat shortcuts…

…the quickest way to transform your baccarat games (and your life) is to master these 3 advanced baccarat skills.

But, these 3 baccarat skills are not taught in school.

And it’s a crying shame that all the brilliant minds in our school could not teach us how to make 5-6 figures a month!

That’s why I created…

“Precision Baccarat Masterclass”


What I reveal inside this one-of-a-kind email coaching are the advanced baccarat strategies never-before-seen in casinos around the world.

…These advanced, mega-powerful baccarat secrets do not appear to you magically.

You need a guide.

“Precision Baccarat Masterclass”  is that guide.

This email coaching takes you by the hand and leads you past the hellhole of bad baccarat systems and incompetent strategies…

…around the smoking wreckage of losing bankrolls and ruined dreams…

…and directly to the sort of ethical wealth and heavenly happiness that will bring you to tears.

Let me tell you all about it.

This is the “insider” course I wish was around when I was starting out.

Learning even one or two of these baccarat secrets would have shortcut my own success by…five…maybe ten years. Probably more.

This is an 8-week intensive email coaching about advanced baccarat strategies using the Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System.

Included inside this Email Coaching are secrets most baccarat players never discover…such as:

The 3 instantly-effective baccarat skills of a professional baccarat player who was forced to make money over those baccarat tables or starve. (Master these 3 skills and money will never be a problem again.)

Another amazing, new method of exposing the winning Player-Banker bets. (This is NOT the 12 steps to expose the winning P-B bets. This is different and will definitely BLOW YOUR MIND!)

Learn the advanced techniques of code-tracking. (This 26-column technique will expose more winning bets that you can take advantage of.)

Discover the codes that bring in most money on your baccarat games. (These codes are what I call “the money codes.”)

How to make more money in a day on your baccarat games than you could personally meet in a year! (Fire your boss and tell him he sucks!)

Learn the betting system I personally use. (I’ll reveal to you my favorite reverse positive progression system.)

Very simple tactic to double your profits overnight! (An astonishingly easy money-management strategy well-used by smart professional baccarat players…but ignored by 99% of other gamblers!)

What to do if you’re having a “bad start” on your baccarat games? (I’ll tell you what I do in situation like this. Yes, I do encounter this situation. I’m not Superman. I’m just Batman of Baccarat.)

How to convert a losing baccarat game into a winning one? (Even with the worst 52% hit rate for the day, you still can end up with 100+ units in profit.)

How to execute the 5-Hit Baccarat Strategy? (Make money even on losing bets. How? You’ll learn it here.)

How to execute the 7-Hit Baccarat Strategy? (This will 10x…12x…or…even 15x your profit for the day!)

What is the best base bet to start with? (This base bet is your foundation to earning consistent 5-figures a month.)

What is the starting bankroll needed to earn 5-6 figures a month? (You’ll be surprised how much “little” you need to start earning 6-figures.)

What is the best time to play baccarat for easy wins? (Easy Wins = Easy Money – There’s a strategy for this.)

Weekly case studies of my previous games in 2020 for 2 months complete with play-by-play analysis. (These case studies are “priceless.” Learn how my baccarat mind works during baccarat games.)

And much, much more!

There are 15 sections in this course…each designed to shortcut your education…and give you the exact super-detailed road map you need to start making money over those baccarat tables.

PLUS, there is a special bonus section to make sure you understand exactly how to apply every lesson in a real casino environment.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

My “Precision Baccarat Masterclass” is NOT for everyone.

I’m very serious about this too.

For example, freebie-seekers…whiners…and complainers who never take action (and need constant hand-holding) should not join my email coaching. Or, the Math-guy fanboys who constantly whine about baccarat not beatable in the long run.

No offense, but, if that’s you, please do not waste your time or mine.

I’m sure there’s a place for you to learn somewhere.

Also, please take notice:

There are no refunds for this offer…all sales are final…and your email coaching will begin 24-48 hours after we verified your payment.

If these conditions give you heartburn, simply don’t buy it.

Otherwise, go to the link below to get inside my email coaching.

Dedicated to your baccarat success,

Alvin Tuarez

P.S. If you buy the course today, you also get an extremely rare & valuable bonus:

“Alvin Tuarez  Play-By-Play Analysis Part 1”


These are weekly play-by-play analysis of my previous baccarat games in different casinos.

Here’s a small taste of what’s inside this special bonus:

How a mere 52% hit rate could give you 100+ units in profits? (All you need is 52% hit rate to win big.)

What to look for if you’re not sure what to bet? (Confused during games? Look for this.)

The Tie…Pair…Super 6…and…Dragon Bets betting system secrets. (Who said these are sucker bets?)

What casino game to play when you’re angry so, you can re-focus? (Hint: You can release your anger here.)

What to do when you lost a baccarat game? (Very important not to miss.)

How much bankroll do you need to bring every baccarat session? (Don’t forget to bring ammunition on a gun fight.)

My secret strategy to winning easy money in Roulette. (Yes, you heard me right. And you don’t need my code-tracking here.)

This extremely rare and valuable bonus contains information about baccarat strategies that I have been selfishly keeping to myself for over a decade.

But, they’re all yours if you don’t procrastinate and act today.

Again, here’s where to order:

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