“Get this, read, digest and implement these baccarat methods of play before the casinos get it taken down for good.”

“Veteran, Professional Baccarat Player Snaps And Exposes The REAL Truth About Beating The Pre-Shuffled Decks In Baccarat And Making 5 To 6 Figure Income Without Breaking A Sweat!”


You Don’t Need To Be An Expert And You Can Do This Even If You Suck At Playing Baccarat.


Do you get frustrated on playing the pre-shuffled decks in baccarat nowadays?

Does your baccarat system of play no longer work?

Do you keep on losing big money on this game?

Do you get frustrated that other players have massive success while you continue to struggle on this game?

Does it feel like the really successful Baccarat Players know secrets that you don’t?

There’s a good reason for that.

No one actually wants to tell you the real truth about how this game works.

Until now.

My name is Alvin Tuarez and I’ve been playing baccarat for a living for more than a decade. (Yes, really!)

And if you take for just a few minutes to read this page then, I promise that you’ll leave knowing a shit ton more than you do now and you’ll be able to equip yourself with the real inside know-how that makes this all work.

Sound good?

But you need to make a quick promise to yourself…

You and I both live in the real world right?

A world where no one reads web pages carefully anymore.

Instead they just scan them, skim read the headings and if it looks vaguely interesting they might go back and read it properly.

Do NOT do that with this letter.


Because this letter is different.

Unlike most “website” you land on, this page will actually reveal a lot of insider stuff whether you buy anything, subscribe to my list or not.

Here’s The Perfect Solution To Earn 5 to 6 Figures Playing Baccarat At Your Nearest Casino (…Even If You Feel There’s No More Hope!)


If you’ve been surfing the web about baccarat systems & strategies and about how to make money on this game then, you’ve gathered all the shit ton of misinformation out there.

Baccarat stuffs written by someone just to make some cash that doesn’t help the baccarat player in the slightest.

Maybe you’ve got a few baccarat systems and courses like that taking up precious space on your hard drive.

Perhaps you have plenty of them because you’ve been trying to find the “holy grail” of baccarat.

Do yourself a favor.

Delete them.

They’re obsolete.

They no longer work.

You’ll just continue losing.

Let’s Cut to The Chase…

Here’s what this is really about…


13 damn years…

That’s how long I’ve been playing baccarat for a living and in all that time – very few people have ever genuinely explained in print how you can make 5 to 6 figure monthly income on this game.

Every day more would be professional baccarat players pack their shit up, give up, go broke and go home because unscrupulous system-sellers keep selling old, recycled system/strategies, false dreams and bullshit promises coupled with weak as fuck baccarat methods that just don’t work.

And enough is enough…

So you are being offered an email coaching program in which I have exposed the entire casino industry, explained why and how the pre-shuffled decks work and revealed the REAL secrets behind making 5 to 6 figure monthly income just playing baccarat at your nearest casino (even online!).

As Deadly As The Covid-19 …


This is what this email coaching will make me among industry peers and fellow baccarat players, but if you know me at all…

Let’s just say that I couldn’t give a fuck what others think.

But in my experience, when you expose the truth behind something there is always a kick back.

There are always those who try to get whatever you’re doing to fail or to have it taken down.

Because it is like an old boys club…

And they don’t want you in until you’ve paid your dues and bought lots of their shitty information and baccarat training products that teach methods that worked for a while and are now burnt out which means there is no harm in giving them away.

It can’t be just you and me who think those people are the modern day snake oil salesmen, right?

Here’s What You’re Going To Get…


Why you need to develop these 3 baccarat skills in today’s “pre-shuffled” decks era? Not knowing these 3 skills is almost a guarantee of failure.

How casinos conditioned your mind to recognize “patterns,” trending & anti-trending – here’s how to break it, escape and find a new, true method of play to make 5 to 6 figure monthly income.

How even a 52% hit/win rate could still give you 100+ units in profit? This baccarat technique will blow your mind!

The truth about exposing the winning Player-Banker bets and how you can win & make money every game you play.

The new baccarat formula on making the “right timing” on your bet selection. This new method of bet selection will increase your income by 10x…15x…35x…and even 44x!

How to make more money in a day on your baccarat games than you could personally meet in a year! (Fire your boss and tell him he sucks!)

Learn the advanced techniques of code-tracking. (This 26-column technique will expose more winning bets that you can take advantage of.)

Discover the codes that bring in most money on your baccarat games. (These codes are what I call “the money codes.”)

Learn the betting system I personally use. Flat-bet, negative progression, and Martingale progression no longer work in today’s game. I’ll reveal to you my favorite reverse positive progression system.

Very simple tactic to double your profits overnight! (An astonishingly easy money-management strategy well-used by smart professional baccarat players…but ignored by 99% of other gamblers!)

What to do if you’re having a “bad start” on your baccarat games? (I’ll tell you what I do in situation like this. Yes, I also encounter this situation.)

How to convert a losing baccarat game into a winning one? (Even with the worst 52% hit rate for the day, you still can end up with 100+ units in profit.)

The Win-Win Betting System – how to make money even on losing big bets? This betting progression is pure genius!

How to execute the 5-Hit Baccarat Strategy? Making 30-50 units per game is fast & easy.

How to execute the 7-Hit Baccarat Strategy? This will 35x or…even 44x your profit for the day!

What is the best base bet to start with? This base bet is your foundation to earning consistent 5-figures a month.

What is the starting bankroll needed to earn 5 to 6 figures a month? You’ll be surprised how much “little” you need to start earning 6-figures.

What is the best time to play baccarat for easy wins? (Easy Wins = Easy Money – There’s a strategy for this.)

Weekly case studies of my previous games in 2020 for 2 months complete with play-by-play analysis. These case studies are “priceless.” Learn how my baccarat mind works during baccarat games.

And much, much more!

But this isn’t just a bunch of “do this”, “do that” stuffs like you’ve seen before.

Because as well as spitting out the real truth about the “pre-shuffled decks” in baccarat today, you are also going to get insight into a prediction I made 13 years ago.

You’ll see how it came true and why it is still relevant today.

Plus… You’ll discover where this is going next.

This is your chance to get way ahead of the curve.

And inside this email coaching, you’ll even learn some insider stuff about the way I operate that’s never been revealed before.

Stuffs like…


What to look for if you’re not sure what to bet? Confused during games? Look for this.

The Tie…Pair…Super 6…and…Dragon Bets betting system secrets. Who said these are sucker bets?

What casino game to play when you’re angry so, you can re-focus? (Hint: You can release your anger here.)

What to do when you lost a baccarat game? Very important not to miss.

How much bankroll do you need to bring every baccarat session? Don’t forget to bring ammunition on a gun fight.

My secret strategy to winning easy money in Roulette. (Yes, you heard me right. And you don’t need my code-tracking here.)

No Bullshit. No Hype. No Hidden Agenda.

Just SOLID baccarat information you can learn & trust.


When you get inside my Precision Baccarat Masterclass – Email Coaching, you’ll get access to my personal baccarat methods of play that will improve your baccarat plays and help you achieve consistent profits every time you visit your nearby casino (even online).

No promises of specific dollar amounts or crazy claims are being made.

This is just a straight up insight into a casino gaming world that’s given me a very nice full-time income and lifestyle.

The stuffs I show are “outside-the-box,” real, business profit model. It takes time, effort & money.

If you don’t want to invest time, effort, & money in yourself then, this isn’t the right thing for you.

Just keep being a “Baccarat System Buyer” (not a Baccarat System Player) for all those who pump out false promises and turds dusted with glitter.

But, if you’re fed up of not having the same success you see others having…

Just fucking get inside my email coaching and do something about it.

But, “Alvin…you haven’t told me how much it is yet!”

Good point…

Now I could concoct a price based on what this information is actually worth…

Let’s face it, most of you probably bought at least 2-3 worthless baccarat systems worth $500-$750 each every year.

Or, I could work out how many years ahead you’re going to get to jump with this insider know-how and insight and how many years of struggle this will save you…

Or, how about how much you could be making if you master these new, revolutionary baccarat methods of play in two weeks using all the baccarat strategies/techniques that’s included inside?

Of course that’s irrelevant…

The ticket price of any information is always going to be dependent on how much people are prepared to pay.

Many that have read it have told me to charge $997 – $2,997, but I want to get this in the hands of those who need it. 

So, if you order right now, you’ll get inside my Precision Baccarat Masterclass – Email Coaching and say goodbye to your losing ways for just $497.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

My “Precision Baccarat Masterclass – Email Coaching” is NOT for everyone.

I’m very serious about this too.

For example, freebie-seekers…whiners…and complainers who never take action (and need constant hand-holding) should not join my email coaching. Or, the Math-guy fanboys who constantly whine about baccarat not beatable in the long run.

No offense, but, if that’s you, please do not waste your time or mine.

I’m sure there’s a place for you to learn somewhere.

Also, please take notice:

There are no refunds for this offer…all sales are final…and your email coaching will begin 24-48 hours after we verified your payment.

If these conditions give you heartburn, simply don’t buy it.

Otherwise, go to the link below to get inside my email coaching.

Dedicated to your baccarat success,

Alvin Tuarez

What They Say About Baccarat Masterclass?

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