An “Outside-The-Box” Baccarat Strategy That Is Working Very Well!

by Alvin Tuarez

What started as a simple “tweak” to my baccarat strategy has led to massive boost in profits over those baccarat tables.


Early in 2008, I changed the way I play baccarat.

I abandoned this so-called pattern recognition strategy and experimented with basic Math.

Little did I know that this basic Math strategy will be groundbreaking in baccarat.

After lots of time, effort, and money burned over those baccarat tables, I gave up reading & analyzing the Player-Banker sequence like this…

So, what’s wrong with reading the P-B sequence like this?

Well…3 things…

First, you cannot totally expose the winning Player-Banker sequence using pattern recognition strategy.

Second, you cannot execute the right timing on your bet placements.

And third, you cannot achieve maximum profits.

I’ve been stuck on this route for about a year until I finally changed my baccarat strategy.

It was the first Saturday of January 2008. I went to Heritage Hotel to play baccarat.

New Year. New System. First game of the year. So, what the heck!

I will not forget this day because this was the start of something “revolutionary.”

So, look closely at these baccarat hands.

How many units can you win on this baccarat shoe?

Well, around 5 units using Opposite Last Decision (OLD) baccarat strategy combined with a 1-2 negative progression.

Or, around 3 units using the 3-Chop baccarat strategy with flat-bet.

If you’re a newbie to this game, you’ll get excited to these baccarat strategies.

But, take my advice. I’ve been there…done that…

Don’t bother learning this OLD baccarat strategy or 3-Chop baccarat strategy.

It’s useless!

I’ve used it. It just doesn’t work in the long run. Period!

Now, let’s take a look on how I played this same baccarat shoe using my “codes.”

Over a decade ago, this was how I played the game.

As you can see, my money bets were dictated by the “codes” you saw on the yellow highlights.

I won 13-units ($130) at that time using my “simple” code-tracking baccarat strategy with a 1-2 negative progression.
My base bet during those time was $10.

What can you expect? I’m still “learning” the game.

Anyway, my point is, this 13-unit profit ($130) was a 260% increase in profit versus the OLD baccarat strategy and a 434% increase in profit versus the 3-Chop baccarat strategy.

I knew then, I stumbled something “phenomenal.”

Fast forward today…2020.

If I were to play this exact same baccarat shoe today, I could have won 132-units ($26,400) in under 30 minutes of baccarat play.

Take a look at my present scoresheet for this game.

This was a 1,015 % increase in profit versus my basic code-tracking in 2008.

Versus the OLD baccarat strategy, this was a 2,640 % increase in profit.

And versus the 3-Chop baccarat strategy, this was a 4,400 % increase in profit.

As you can see, the increase in profit was amazing!

And it all started when I shifted from using pattern recognition to my code-tracking system.

Over the years, I keep on improving my Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System.

I continue to learn the game like it was 2008.

Now, if you’re still struggling on your baccarat games barely making any decent, consistent income, don’t you think it’s time to try something new?

Something that is working for over a decade?

If you can make a 5-figure profit even just once a month on your baccarat games, this will translate to a 6-figure income in a year.

This is one of the reasons why casinos fear baccarat.

System-players like us can win big in just a few hands.

It’s really working well for me every time I set foot at my nearby casinos.

If anything I’ve said here has resonated with you and you want to learn more advanced baccarat strategy, the good news is I would like to help you.

No strings.

So, here’s my personal email address and feel free to use it…

Your message will come straight through my inbox.

You’ll get through me, not a support assistant, bot or autoresponder.

Just let me know if I can help and I will.

Please note I answer all emails personally so, it might take me a day or two to get back to you if it’s a busy time.

Have a great day ahead!

Learn from the BEST to achieve success!

Dedicated to your baccarat success,

Alvin Tuarez

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