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This is an 8-week intensive email coaching about advanced baccarat strategies using the Precision Baccarat Code-Tracking System.

Included inside this Email Coaching are secrets most baccarat players never discover…such as:

Why you need to develop these 3 baccarat skills in today’s “pre-shuffled” decks era? Not knowing these 3 skills is almost a guarantee of failure.

How casinos conditioned your mind to recognize “patterns,” trending & anti-trending – here’s how to break it, escape and find a new, true method of play to make 5 to 6 figure monthly income.

How even a 52% hit/win rate could still give you 100+ units in profit? This baccarat technique will blow your mind!

The truth about exposing the winning Player-Banker bets and how you can win & make money every game you play.

The new baccarat formula on making the “right timing” on your bet selection. This new method of bet selection will increase your income by 10x…15x…35x…and even 44x!

How to make more money in a day on your baccarat games than you could personally meet in a year! (Fire your boss and tell him he sucks!)

Learn the advanced techniques of code-tracking. (This 26-column technique will expose more winning bets that you can take advantage of.)

Discover the codes that bring in most money on your baccarat games. (These codes are what I call “the money codes.”)

Learn the betting system I personally use. Flat-bet, negative progression, and Martingale progression no longer work in today’s game. I’ll reveal to you my favorite reverse positive progression system.

Very simple tactic to double your profits overnight! (An astonishingly easy money-management strategy well-used by smart professional baccarat players…but ignored by 99% of other gamblers!)

What to do if you’re having a “bad start” on your baccarat games? (I’ll tell you what I do in situation like this. Yes, I also encounter this situation.)

How to convert a losing baccarat game into a winning one? (Even with the worst 52% hit rate for the day, you still can end up with 100+ units in profit.)

The Win-Win Betting System – how to make money even on losing big bets? This betting progression is pure genius!

How to execute the 5-Hit Baccarat Strategy? Making 30-50 units per game is fast & easy.

How to execute the 7-Hit Baccarat Strategy? This will 35x or…even 44x your profit for the day!

What is the best base bet to start with? This base bet is your foundation to earning consistent 5-figures a month.

What is the starting bankroll needed to earn 5 to 6 figures a month? You’ll be surprised how much “little” you need to start earning 6-figures.

What is the best time to play baccarat for easy wins? (Easy Wins = Easy Money – There’s a strategy for this.)

Weekly case studies of my previous games in 2020 for 2 months complete with play-by-play analysis. These case studies are “priceless.” Learn how my baccarat mind works during baccarat games.

And much, much more!

The lessons inside this email coaching are designed to shortcut your education…and give you the exact super-detailed road map you need to start making money over those baccarat tables.

PLUS, there is a special bonus section to make sure you understand exactly how to apply every lesson in a real casino environment.

"I was able to turn my $2,500 to a little over $500K last year!"

"His system really rocks! I availed his email coaching last year. Never imagined I can turn my $2,500 capital to a little over $500,000 last year! This year I'm going to scale up my bets. Thanks Alvin! You're the man!
James Baccarat Player
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